Tea for a healthy life

Tea includes many vital nutrients that is healthy for those who consume it.

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Health benefits of tea

Although the majority of health benefits of tea is unknown, it is scientifically proven that tea has the ability to aid in weight loss, as well as boost the immune system due to its antioxidant properties. When consumed without milk or sugar, Ceylon tea has zero calories and is very beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels.

When we purchase tea from the auctions our tea tasters check the quality of tea and do research & develop to invent new tea types which are desirable to the target market. Our in-house R & D team does a combination of moisture testing, mixing, and ph testing while preserving the nutritious and natural aspects of tea.

We can implement and offer flavoured teas as per the clients’ requirements, by providing several options to identify the clients’ exact taste. We do all testing and invent new tea products while preserving the taste, nutrients, and natural aspects of tea.

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